How New Regulations Are Affecting the Electric Utility Industry

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The electric utility industry is under constant pressure to explore new and more efficient ways to cut costs a...

Electric Companies & MDM: A Solution for the Changes Happening Now

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  The criticality of electricity cannot be overstated and neither can the effects of the ongoing transfor...

Incorporating MDM in the M&A Blueprint

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  Implementing a companywide MDM strategy is not a simple undertaking even during normal times. Add in an...

The Importance of Master Data in M&A

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A merger or acquisition often leads to a bumpy road, especially when it comes time to combine processes, syste...

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MDM Masterclass – Driving Real Dollar Returns during ERP Implementation

  We recently concluded one of our most attended webinars – ‘Driving Real-dollar returns during ERP Implementations: The MDM Perspective>’ followed by an interactive Q&A session with the attendees.   ERP implementations are complex and resource (time and money) intensive processes, and very few organizations are able to derive the

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