Bringing Manufacturing Home

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  The rising costs of transportation, reinforcement of import duties, and softening of labor arbitrage wi...

Web Spidering Tools Are Designed For Ultimate Success

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  Many of us have watched Sci-Fi movies or programs on Television, that depict the alertness and quick th...

Sanity During March Madness

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  For those of you in the US or for those of you who follow American college basketball, March Madness is...

Verdantis On Social Media – Bridging the Gap through Digital Platforms

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  Picture yourself waking up one morning and checking your phone, for the number of new ‘Likes̵...

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Electric Utility

Verdantis Helps Leading Electric Utility Execute Its Large Master Data Management And ERP Upgrade Initiative

The 4th of July is celebrated as Independence Day across the entire United States. It offers a great opportunity to relax and enjoy much-deserved get-togethers with family and friends. However, holidays are for people but businesses are always running. For one of our clients, it was the day they went

MDM Stakeholders

To Whom It Matters Most: The MDM Stakeholders

Companies incorporate master data management solutions in their business, to achieve success and support the vision of their business. Though MDM solutions may seem simple, they involve loads of complexities that contribute towards success. There are various people involved as stakeholders, with their strategic moves and expertise, from the stage


Leveraging Item masters in Procurement

Leveraging Item or Material masters in Procurement is certainly not new. As a standing best practice, there are simply different approaches that Procurement has taken. Creating a central repository in the ERP/MR for direct and production related indirect material has been implemented for years in most discrete and process manufacturing

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