Data Quality – 5 reasons why it should matter to you

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  Data – the word is all around us. It is being shouted about from rooftops and is being whispered abou...

Data cleansing- what it does for your business

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Data cleansing is one of the most important practices that can go a long way for any enterprise. It ideally re...

Master Data Management meets Big Data

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Data quality, data governance, and material master data management are what I generally talk about in these po...

5 Types of Unclean Data and How to Clean Them

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Data quality is no longer something that any organization can avoid or put on the back burner. With all data b...

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Man drawing ROI concept on chalkboard

How to increase ROI on ERP investments with Data Governance?

Arthur Raguette, Executive Vice President at Verdantis Inc. is quite forthcoming on how master data management is the key to organizational success. He possesses a wealth of experience across several domains and believes in leveraging best practices and benefits for larger organizations with a view towards enhancing optimization and preventing

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