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Oil & Gas

Verdantis Delivers MMDM For Leading Oil and Gas Company – Part II: Actions and Results

  In the previous part (read Part I: Crisis Identification), we spoke at length about our client, a leading Oil and Gas Company. We provided deeper insight into its daily activities and operations, its expanse and corporate statistics. Moreover, we also spoke about the results of its widespread operations and


Leveraging Item masters in Procurement

Leveraging Item or Material masters in Procurement is certainly not new. As a standing best practice, there are simply different approaches that Procurement has taken. Creating a central repository in the ERP/MR for direct and production related indirect material has been implemented for years in most discrete and process manufacturing

MDM Initiatives

How to Monetize Product and Material Domain MDM Initiatives

  (Identify Duplicates, Standardize Data, Create Actionable Value) This is Part 2 of a 2 part blog post. Read Part 1 on Product and Material Domain Monetization of MDM initiatives – The difference.   So for product and material, the attributes matter and our customers have developed, adopted or leveraged


The Million Dollar Question: Master Data Management – Before or After ERP?

Before proceeding with the answer to this million dollar question, we need to first know what ERP means to a business. This is because the concept of ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning differs from project to project. Some companies consider ERP as a business application strategy – one that merges

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