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A Quick Run-through of Our Latest Webinar – ‘Unlocking Master Data Success: The Verdantis Way’

Thanks to all the attendees for your active participation during our latest interactive webinar, ‘Unlocking Master Data Success: The Verdantis Way’. For those of you who missed it, here’s a quick rundown.   The webinar was co-presented by George Pasti (Regional Sales Manager, Verdantis) and Aditya Kasturay (Pre-Sales Support Manager,

Benefits of Material Master Data Management-Part 3

In our previous post, we provided a calculator to help you estimate the value of improving your Material Master data by avoiding inventory cost. Today’s post features an ROI Calculator to help you plug in your numbers and estimate inventory holding cost reduction.   Inventory holding cost reduction:    


Upcoming Webinar: “Material MDM – All Your Questions Answered”

Verdantis has been working with Global 1000 companies to help them manage their Material Master Data and reap hard-dollar benefits for over a dozen years now. The journey has not always been easy, but has certainly been an instructive one. Our upcoming webinar – “Material MDM – All Your Questions

Data Governance for single source ERP EAM systems

Data Governance – The other part of Material MDM

We started off the year with a deep dive into material master data quality and what the phrase signifies. While getting material data to an acceptable level of quality is essential, material master data management consists of another, equally important part – data governance.   What is Data Governance?  

Key Takeaways Webinar - Strategically Manage Data Quality in an ERP rollout

Key Takeaways from our Webinar – Strategically Manage Data Quality in an ERP rollout

  The last few weeks at Verdantis were a whirlwind. We concluded our most attended Webinar – Strategically Manage Data Quality in an ERP rollout. (For anyone who couldn’t attend, click here for the presentation.)   The event was a success with a large audience keeping our presenter, Arthur Raguette