Notes from the ASUG webinar presented by ASR Group – Part 1

Early in December, ASR Group and Verdantis got together with ASUG to present a webinar titled – ‘Driving SAP Upgrade or Consolidation Success with Harmonized Material Masters’. The event was a rousing success and we thought that everyone would like to have a glimpse at what was discussed in this well-attended webinar. The following series of blog posts would throw some light on the major points of the webinar. I would like to kick this off by presenting the perspective of Jose Bobrek, Team Lead, Central Master Data Management, ASR- Group. He talked about how he and his team handled post-acquisitions data in three instances, the problems faced by them, and how Verdantis helped them in this regard.
Just to provide some background – the ASR Group is the biggest vertically integrated refiner of cane sugar across the globe according to Jose Bobrek, Central Master Data Management team leader at the Group. The Group possesses nine refineries in 5 countries and also owns sugar mills and private labels including Florida Crystals, Tate and Lyle and Domino Sugars that are sold all over the world.  According to Jose’s insights, the company started growing at break-neck speed in such a scenario owing to strategic acquisitions.
With such growth, the company required the incorporation of new plants directly onto a common Item and Supplier Master Catalogue in addition to a commonly held ERP system. The entire scope of the Master Data outfit has been delineated to span close to 250, 000 materials including direct, stocked, non-stocked and indirect materials in English, Spanish and Portuguese in addition to serving 1, 000 requests from more than 300 end-users spread over six countries. Two SAP systems are dealt with in addition to real time Integrity and UNSPSC taxonomy is adhered to for material classification which is followed by the maintenance of custom spec sheets.
According to Jose, Verdantis owned Integrity processes MRO (indirect materials), industrial supplies, ingredients and empty packaging materials and steadily replaced the ASR Group’s home grown CMDM system in 2011. Verdantis has impeccably supported the Group throughout acquisitions in Portugal, Canada and London. The London and Portugal acquisitions brought in 40, 000 material items into the centralized system which were translated into Spanish and Portuguese and classified by Verdantis before being loaded to Integrity and SAP ECC 6.0. The Canada acquisition also sparked an influx of 3, 000 materials which were standardized before similar loading processes through Harmonize, another Verdantis tool.
The biggest take-aways according to Jose? Master data strategy should certainly be a vital component of all acquisitions, especially when it comes to ERP implementation. Structured, category-wise information was supplied by Verdantis which made all data searchable, accessible and paved the way for master data management discipline and a fair amount of organizational control! As a result, SAP implementation was made successful from a hardcore business point of view.
If this interests you, come back for the views of the other speaker, Arthur Raguette, Executive Vice President, Verdantis Inc. next week. In the meanwhile, if you would like to have a look at the 60 minutes webinar, you can have that here.
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