Sanity during march madness

Sanity During March Madness

For those of you in the US or for those of you who follow American college basketball, March Madness is a time for picking your brackets. Even the President literally gets into the game.
American businesses expect to lose between 1.2 Billion dollars for EVERY unproductive hour during the first week of the tournament. This number is based on the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the annual Challenger Grey report and polling from the Turner Broadcasting System.
I am sure we are not unique in this respect, and as I was sitting in the Frankfurt airport last Friday morning between flights I began to notice the backpacks and carry-on’s of travelers that reflected their favorite football (soccer to us Yanks), rugby and cricket teams.
Fans are fans, regardless of the borders they live within, travel across or even defend. This commonality of purpose, to support your teams from wherever they are and from wherever you are serves to reinforce the goals of every good company operating in a global scope.
Global performance of asset management teams, logistics support teams, and supply chain optimization teams share the commonality of discerning useful information from various data sources which may appear quite disjointed and disparate.
Unification and standardization of this data provides actionable information and true insight into business optimization processes. Doing so across borders- whether the demarcation is by business function, ERP/MRP/EAM boundaries, or Master Data Domains- is the best path forward to ensure that your organization finishes beyond the sweet 16 and at the top of the stack of the final 4.
And try to focus on work for the next few weeks…
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Arthur Raguette

Arthur Raguette

Arthur Raguette is the Executive Vice President at Verdantis. Arthur is very passionate about the application of innovative technologies to solve real-world business problems with a strong emphasis on large enterprise solutions. He has more than a decade of experience of working with Software for Master Data Management and Data Governance for multiple domains and across industries. Arthur’s prior technology passions included high performance B2B middleware and hybridized SaaS applications for HR, Employee and Education related domains.

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