Santa’s Christmas Wish – An MDM system for his job

Santa’s Christmas Wish – An MDM system for his job

The holiday season is upon us and with it is everything Christmas, including, probably the most easily identifiable symbol of this holiday – Santa Claus. Santa, along with the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy is a staple of our childhood, a remnant of a simpler time. Whatever you might think about the commercialization of the season and how it affects us, the sight of Santa and the sound of his hearty ‘Ho ho ho’ does evoke a sense of magic and cheer in almost all of us.
You might be wondering why I am talking about Santa and Christmas today. Well, apart from the fact that we are surrounded by symbols of the season all around, I was thinking about how Santa and master data management are linked. Now, before you call me a kook and close this tab, hear me out.


Even though Santa has a number of versions around the world, his primary job description remains the same – delivering toys to kids all across the world. He has two lists to manage, the naughty list with the names of the naughty kids on it, and the nice list with, obviously, the name of the nice ones. As per UNICEF, there are over 2.2 billion children in the world, which means two lists with a total of 2.2 billion lines of data for Santa and his elves to manage.


The only way Santa can maintain this huge amount of data is by implementing a master data management system and enforcing proper data governance. Cleansing this much data is going to be a huge task and instead of working the elves to the bone over writing business rules, Santa can put in place an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based MDM system which will be able to do the job simply and quickly.


However, the job is not done simply by cleansing the data once. Mr. Claus needs to make sure that corrupt data does not enter the system (and this is a distinct possibility with almost 370,000 new instances of data (number of children born based on average global birth rate) being added every day. This can only be done with a robust data governance system that will help Santa stop wrong data from being added and search for unique entries while creating the annual naughty and nice list.
There are some unique challenges that Santa faces with his lists. Most of these can be handled using an efficient MDM system. We can talk about these challenges next week. In the meanwhile, if you have ideas about how Santa can deal with this huge amount of data, feel free to comment below.
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Vipul Aroh

Vipul Aroh

Vipul Aroh is a part of the Marketing team at Verdantis. Although relatively new to the field of master data management and data governance, he is fascinated by the topics and is becoming more passionate about them by the day. Vipul holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Sydneham Institute of Management, Mumbai.

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