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Material Master Data Governance – Keeping it clean

Data Governance represents the symbiotic existence of IT and business–aligned to improve the overall business process. It unifies the compartmentalized information across various departments in an organization to boost data sharing by all concerned. The information sharing results in advantages such as:   •  Revenue growth •  Cost rationalization • 

Requirement for Material Master Data Governance

Often overlooked, providing efficient access to, and maintaining the accuracy of, the material master is pivotal to operational success and protecting your data investment. Data Governance has emerged as the point of convergence for people, technology, and process to manage the crucial data (information) of an enterprise. This is a

How New Regulations Are Affecting the Electric Utility Industry

How New Regulations Are Affecting the Electric Utility Industry

The electric utility industry is under constant pressure to explore new and more efficient ways to cut costs and increase production capacities for a secure, reliable and affordable supply. It’s been an uphill battle for a decade, and it keeps getting tougher. Aging infrastructures is getting costlier to replace, making

MDM Masterclass – Driving Real Dollar Returns during ERP Implementation

  We recently concluded one of our most attended webinars – ‘Driving Real-dollar returns during ERP Implementations: The MDM Perspective>’ followed by an interactive Q&A session with the attendees.   ERP implementations are complex and resource (time and money) intensive processes, and very few organizations are able to derive the

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