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Requirement for Material Master Data Governance

Often overlooked, providing efficient access to, and maintaining the accuracy of, the material master is pivotal to operational success and protecting your data investment. Data Governance has emerged as the point of convergence for people, technology, and process to manage the crucial data (information) of an enterprise. This is a

Data Governance for single source ERP EAM systems

Data Governance – The other part of Material MDM

We started off the year with a deep dive into material master data quality and what the phrase signifies. While getting material data to an acceptable level of quality is essential, material master data management consists of another, equally important part – data governance.   What is Data Governance?  

How New Regulations Are Affecting the Electric Utility Industry

How New Regulations Are Affecting the Electric Utility Industry

The electric utility industry is under constant pressure to explore new and more efficient ways to cut costs and increase production capacities for a secure, reliable and affordable supply. It’s been an uphill battle for a decade, and it keeps getting tougher. Aging infrastructures is getting costlier to replace, making

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