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Material Master Data Governance – Keeping it clean

Data Governance represents the symbiotic existence of IT and business–aligned to improve the overall business process. It unifies the compartmentalized information across various departments in an organization to boost data sharing by all concerned. The information sharing results in advantages such as:   •  Revenue growth •  Cost rationalization • 

Requirement for Material Master Data Governance

Often overlooked, providing efficient access to, and maintaining the accuracy of, the material master is pivotal to operational success and protecting your data investment. Data Governance has emerged as the point of convergence for people, technology, and process to manage the crucial data (information) of an enterprise. This is a

Has the Chief Data Officer come to embrace Purchased Product Masters?

Has the Chief Data Officer come to embrace Purchased Product Masters?

  The Purchased Product master can envelope multiple master domains depending on a company’s core industry.  For process manufacturers, petro chemical and Oil & Gas production sectors, purchased product masters contain the golden records for Maintenance, Repair and Operations items.   For Distributors and even Retailers, the Purchased Product masters

Guiding Principles That Guarantee Success In An Enterprise Data Management Strategy

  “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”   In the business world, every day presents new opportunities. We see new ideas, new horizons and a fresher approach to the world of financial and corporate transactions. Change is constant, but change is always welcome, if you’ve readied yourself

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