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Data Governance is a process-based structure that leverages an Approval Workflow system. The effectiveness and efficiency of the Data Governance Model depends on some critical factors.

So, what supporting factors come into play in practical  Data Governance deployments? We underscore ‘practical’ since our perspective on Data Governance is that it is at the intersection of people and processes supported by platform:


1. Data stewardship: The designated data steward or data manager plays a crucial role in Data Governance. This individual is responsible for maintaining the data quality in the central repository. Towards this, the data manager monitors requests for data creation in the hierarchy as he/she is also the ultimate approver.

Another area of focus is to ensure complete compliance to the DGM by all concerned – requisitioners, analysts, and local data managers.


2. MDM team: This team is essential to any MDM initiative. It comprises of individuals from the IT and business operations divisions of an enterprise. Members from the IT side are responsible for the implementation of the MDM initiative and are the architects of the Data Governance Model. Members from the business operations side specify the hierarchical arrangement of the DGM.

The team is formed from the time an organization plans an MDM initiative. Creating the right team can make the difference between a successful master data initiative or otherwise.


3. Approval workflow: The DGM banks on the Approval Workflow, which is a complex schema involving a specific user group. The users are spread across the entire hierarchy defined for the DGM and execute their roles accordingly.


4. Data standards: The ultimate objective of any MDM initiative is to improve and maintain the data quality. In most cases, the quality standards set as part of the cleansing phase are not maintained because of an ineffective DGM.


Stay tuned for more details on Material Master Data Governance Teams.

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Arthur Raguette

Arthur Raguette

Arthur Raguette is the Executive Vice President at Verdantis. Arthur is very passionate about the application of innovative technologies to solve real-world business problems with a strong emphasis on large enterprise solutions. He has more than a decade of experience of working with Software for Master Data Management and Data Governance for multiple domains and across industries. Arthur’s prior technology passions included high performance B2B middleware and hybridized SaaS applications for HR, Employee and Education related domains.

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