How to strategically manage data quality in an ERP rollout?

Many large companies with complex IT landscapes are consolidating ERP/ EAM platforms to deliver improved operational visibility and decision velocity to business.  While ERP implementations and consolidations are primarily aimed at aligning ERP functionalities with business processes, one critical factor that sometimes gets left out of the discussion is data readiness or data quality.
Surveys have found that a majority of ERP implementations fail to generate the desired ROI and could not fulfil all of their promises, such as: improving operational efficiency, enabling better decisions, and reducing costs. One major reason for this is poor master data quality in the enterprise and a lack of a proper master data management solution to take care of it.
With master data consistency, business procedures become more reliable and accurate while facilitating greater understanding of operational practices within the entire organization. Enterprise applications are kept in good shape and higher ROI of an ERP investment becomes possible through rationalization and standardization of master data.
Keeping in mind these issues around strategic data quality in an ERP rollout, Verdantis is organizing a webinar where Arthur Raguette, Executive Vice President, Verdantis will share his decade long experience to talk about:

This 40 minute webinar will help you get an idea of how material master data quality can affect your ERP/EAM initiative, how you can use it to derive more out of a new IT system, and how ignoring it can prove to be a mistake. You can register for the webinar here. All registrants will be sent a copy of the webinar deck after the event.


Details of the Webinar –

What – Webinar: Strategically manage data quality in an ERP rollout

When – 2 PM ET, Wednesday, September 16th


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Prathamesh Prabhu

Prathamesh Prabhu

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