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Material Master Data Governance Teams

Master Data Governance for Materials is unique. The workflow is more multi-domain than any other master data object, the timelines for completion are tight, and the need for accuracy is dire.   We’ve included two charts below from an earlier survey which outline the make-up of Material Master Data Governance

Requirement for Material Master Data Governance

Often overlooked, providing efficient access to, and maintaining the accuracy of, the material master is pivotal to operational success and protecting your data investment. Data Governance has emerged as the point of convergence for people, technology, and process to manage the crucial data (information) of an enterprise. This is a

Has the Chief Data Officer come to embrace Purchased Product Masters?

Has the Chief Data Officer come to embrace Purchased Product Masters?

  The Purchased Product master can envelope multiple master domains depending on a company’s core industry.  For process manufacturers, petro chemical and Oil & Gas production sectors, purchased product masters contain the golden records for Maintenance, Repair and Operations items.   For Distributors and even Retailers, the Purchased Product masters


Leveraging Item masters in Procurement

Leveraging Item or Material masters in Procurement is certainly not new. As a standing best practice, there are simply different approaches that Procurement has taken. Creating a central repository in the ERP/MR for direct and production related indirect material has been implemented for years in most discrete and process manufacturing